Relax at the best spas in the US

Feeling stressed? Bitter winter weather can certainly do that to you, but luckily relaxation is only a plane ride away. Several destinations throughout the U.S. offer a refreshing environment  where you can recharge your batteries and get away from the harsh reality of the real world, and many of these locales boast top-of-the-line spas aimed at giving guests the ultimate relaxing experience.

If you’re ready to leave the world behind for a few days, consider booking trips to one of these top resorts and spas:

Omphoy Ocean Resort in Palm Beach
This Palm Beach spa scores big with fans of beach getaways. With a stunning new building, calming decor and delicious Mediterranean food greeting guests upon arrival, the Omphoy Ocean Resort alone is a worthy destination. When you add in the benefits of the Exhale Spa, however, you have a location that you won’t want to miss.

Transformational treatments encompass the usual offerings like massages and facials while also providing personal training sessions. Visitors can also partake in daily classes that offer guidance in areas of mental and physical health. A team of therapists, healers and masseuses are on hand to provide the best experience possible. If you’d rather spend some quiet time alone, stop by the Meditation Garden, where you can reflect on your travels and clear your mind before returning to all of the action at the world-class resort. 

Four Seasons Resort in Jackson Hole 
If you want to venture off the beaten path during your next luxury vacation, think outside the box and head to Wyoming. There you can find the Four Seasons Resort in Jackson Hole, which features a fabulous ski lodge complete with cozy decor and stunning mountain views.

All of the outdoor adventures offered in Jackson Hole are enough to wear any guest out, but a stop by the resort’s spa can certainly have you feeling refreshed. Travel Leisure recommends indulging in the Alpine Berry Body Ritual, which uses locally sourced ingredients like berries and wild honey to cleanse the skin. The treatment is followed up by a waterfall shower and then a massage – giving you a complete relaxing experience that is sure to please.

The Spa at The Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania 
Chocoholics rejoice – there is a place where you can combine your love of this delectable treat with a luxurious getaway. Hershey may be well known for its amusement park and chocolate factory, but the unique Hotel Hershey provides a extraordinary experience for guests, and The Spa is a big part of it.

Chocolate is much more than a food at this wellness center. Offerings like the Whipped Coca Bath and Chocolate Fondue Wrap incorporate the ingredient, allowing guests to take full advantage of the antioxidants of the treat as well as the smell, texture and taste of this delicious product. You’ll even get a chance to learn all about the history of Hershey, making the experience educational as well as relaxing.

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