China Will Build World’s Most Bizarre Bridge

China is about to build one of the most exhausting pedestrian bridges in the world.

The new structure comes from Dutch firm NEXT Architects, who won an international design competition to build the curvy bridge that will rise and fall over the Dragon King Harbor River development in Changsha, China.

The bridge will be made of a sequence of interwoven wave-like pathways, which will be constructed at different heights. The bridge will be approximately 490 feet long and 78 feet above the ground.

That’s one hell of a workout; just take a look at how one of the three pathways is designed.


When competing for the international prize, the Dutch firm decided to base the design on the Mobius ring found in ancient Chinese folk art, which is a one-sided surface made by twisting and joining one end of a rectangle with its other end.

Construction of the abstract bridge is expected to go underway this year. Which path would you take?

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