The Bay Area’s Best Drives

The San Francisco Bay Area boasts breathtaking scenery.  One of the best ways to experience the landscape in all it’s natural glory is to take to the road. As you may have heard, sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, so we’ve brought you an overview of the best routes in the Bay Area.

California’s Highway 1

Driving south of San Francisco on California’s Highway 1 is always a great option.  You can ride the Pacific coast all the way to Big Sur, with the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. Highway 1 has it all, from crashing waves, to the cool breeze, to the warm sun on your face, and of course, some peaks as high as 1,000 feet. The rugged terrain adds a little excitement.

The Silverado Trail

Photo courtesy of Wine Country

Photo courtesy of Wine Country

Catch a breathtaking view of Napa’s vineyards by traveling along Silverado Trail.  With over 40 of Napa’s wineries along the road, you’ll get get an inside glimpse into the area’s world-famous wine industry.  The drive is also only an hour north of San Francisco, and the rolling green hills and lush landscape make it an absolutely unparalleled experience.

Avenue of the Giants

Five hours north of San Francisco lies the 33-mile route surrounded by colossal redwoods trees. The drive enters a dense wilderness, peppered with a few quiet small towns along the way.  Without any major development along the road, Avenue of the Giants maintains an effortlessly peaceful charm.  The is also the best place to experience northern California’s redwood trees.

About the Author: Virginia Dillon'