The World’s Best Offices: 10 Creative Spaces

The corporate world is starting to understand that a happy employee makes for a more successful company. The 10 brands below show us how this idea is being put into practice with office spaces where the employee can feel creative and comfortable and let ideas run wild.

1. Selgas Cano, Madrid


Located on the outskirts of Madrid, this architecture firm allows its employees to feel connected to Mother Nature. Architect Paolo Tringali says that “rainy days are the best” at the tubular capsule.

 2. Facebook Headquarters, Palo Alto, California


Facebook’s renovated abandoned tech lab makes us all jealous. The shared living-space where employees chat and work also includes DJ turntables that are used during some of the social media giant’s parties.

3. Red Bull Headquarters, Amsterdam

Red Bull headquarters

The cave-like structure of the Red Bull office makes it quite the interesting place to work. The bathrooms boast images of religious figures singing karaoke or spinning music. Meeting areas include a DJ booth and a recording studio. One of the best parts about this office is the Crash Room, which is a resting room lit by neon lights.

4. Mind Candy, London

Mind Candy

This entertainment company is known not only for the games it develops, but also for an amazing office. The London outpost has bean bags, Astroturf and a treehouse (which is used for meetings, obviously). Oh, it also features a slide for a little mid-work day play.

5. Hurley Headquarters, Costa Mesa, California

Hurley Campus

This gnarly office has a nice, laidback, cheerful vibe. Employees are allowed to personalize their office space and take advantage of the building’s social spaces, music studio and break rooms.

6. The Googleplex, Mountain View, California

Google Campus

The tech giant may have the best office in the world. Google’s space is more of a college campus than an office. Employees can enjoy a free meal at the cafeteria, work off the calories at the company’s gym and enjoy table games and an awesome slide, among other cool features.

7. Urban Outfitters, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Urban Outfitters

The retail giant’s corporate headquarters is as unique and eclectic as you’d imagine. The Urban Outfitters offices go hand in hand with the funky-bohemian fashion sense of the brand. Going somewhere? Employees can enjoy a stroll on walkways that are lined with ponds and flowers.

8. Square, San Francisco, California

Square Office

The mobile payment start-up company’s headquarters has an elegant, modern look to it. Square’s office space reflects founder Jack Dorsey’s rule: employees must clear their desks of clutter completely at the end of the day.

9. Mobypicture, Amsterdam

Moby Picture Office

This media company’s office is located on Amsterdam’s canal. Yes, literally on the canal — since the office is a boat. Even though the office is floating on water, it never leaves its spot.

 10. The [email protected], Detroit


Ok, so this office space doesn’t just belong to one start-up, it actually houses over a dozen of them. Working side by side with other start-ups seems like a great way for employees to stay motivated on task. The [email protected] also includes a 135-seat auditorium and a giant rooftop patio.

By Roberto Garcia

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