Pörtschach, Austria: The World Body Painting Festival

Forget the canvas and grab a human. The world’s top body painters are heading to Pörtschach, Austria in a few weeks for The World Body Painting Festival. Artists from 45 different countries will be transforming models into masterpieces, complete with butterfly wings and/or alien appendages. There will be multiple categories including airbrushing and sponge-painting, as well as beginner’s workshops including one called “Zombie Skin”. (Sign me up.)

In addition to an extensive exhibition of thousands of unique works, the Festival also hosts a huge house party within the corridors of Schloss Moosburg, a sixteenth-century castle. It’s called the Body Circus, and obviously, extreme makeup and painted costumes are a must. The festival concludes with The Colour Splash, where guests fling paint on themselves and each other with mad abandon.

paint monster

paint faces

paint butterflyimages courtesy bbc.com

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