The One and Only Giraffe Manor

So maybe you once got to feed the giraffes at the zoo, but the Carr-Hartley family manor in Kenya takes giraffe to the next level. One out of every 20 people claim the tall, spotted African animal as their favorite (sources say). If you’re one of them, you might want to throw a trip Nairobi, Kenya on your bucket list, with a stay at the world’s only hotel boasting a higher supply of giraffes than humans.

Giraffe Manor features only ten guestrooms, starting at $500 per night, per person. But seriously, the gentle giants join you for breakfast, poking their heads into the dining room through the second story windows to get some of what you’re having… and right from your hand. Worth it, right?

Either way, a stay at the manor supports a great cause. The 140 acres double as sanctuary for the endangered species, and runs a breeding program designed to reintroduce pairs into the wild to sustain the species.

giraffes eating

giraffe dinner

giraffes inside

giraffes outside

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