The Most Interesting Map of the London Underground

The legendary London Tube Map has been interpreted in a variety of ways since its conception over a century ago. It’s even taken the shape of a Super Mario game map. But perhaps the most interesting one we’ve found so far is James Wannerton’s Synaesthesia map. What even?

Synaesthesia is a neurological condition that links senses that are normally separated. Wannerton actually tastes words when he hears them. So it’s not like he’s licking the walls. He first noticed that the sound of the Tube stops had a taste when he was about five years old, and now, 49 years later, he has completed a thorough taste map of the Underground system.

So very sorry dear Kilburn, you’re putrid meat.

image courtesy

image courtesy

Click the map for the larger, more readable version.

About the Author: Elsie Sing


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