The Top 5 Most Unlivable Cities

So we told you all about the ten places you should definitely try out for a while. But we’re also here to warn you about the cities that should probably never cross your mind when you’re picking out that next place to live.

1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Partying is fun as long as you have friends to party with. In Las Vegas you’ll only find tourists, so friendships are basically a lost cause. About 90% of the population obviously works in the hospitality industry and normally those people have crappy shifts and likely work on weekends anyways. Like seriously, are you going to party yourself to death alone? I salute the courage of all those one-man wolf packs willing to take the challenge.

2. Detroit


Once upon a time in America there was a city called Detroit. It was the powerhouse for the global car industry. Not anymore. Detroit is now a complete ghost town.

3. Chicago

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Long commutes and very cold and windy winters. If you do move here you will forever be considered a masochist.

4. Hialeah, FL

Photo Courtesy of hialeah

Photo Courtesy of hialeah

It’s not exactly Miami. We don’t even know what it is; it might just be another country on its own. The commute is a complete disaster; drivers might pull up to you for any reason and threaten you in Creole, Spanish, French, Spanglish, or English gibberish. Just being there makes you begin to deteriorate.

5. Anchorage, Alaska


Anchorage is an incredible place, don’t get me wrong but, you should only live here if you’re trying to escape all sorts of civilization and willing to live in the wilderness like a character out of an Ernest Hemingway novel.

By Roberto Garcia

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