Love is Heavy: Bridge Partially Collapses in Paris

We knew it was over, just didn’t know the day. Love is heavy and hard, and the Pont des Arts in Paris finally faced some serious structural strain last night under the relentless weight of those legendary locks of love. Police evacuated and immediately closed the footbridge after a 2.4-meter section of railing collapsed into the Seine.


Back in March, two Americans living in Paris started a petition to cease the practice altogether called No Love Locks; in just two months, they had collected over 5,000 signatures. Some suggested solutions include a virtual padlock via a special Pont des Arts website. And all locks aside, digital love is all the rage, right?

And let’s rewind further to 2010, just two years after the tradition began. The Paris city government already knew this day was coming:

Frequent inspections are carried out in search of segments of bent grating that must be removed and replaced. Two railings were replaced in July and one in August. Is the Passerelle des Arts to become a victim of the lovebirds who wish to solemnise their enduring love?

How perfectly poetic.

The bridge should be functional again by later today, but this thing is getting serious.

By Lindsey Singer

About the Author: Elsie Sing


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