10 Fun Ideas for the Summer

Summer is the best excuse you’ll have all year to have fun and relax. Don’t waste it!

1. Spend the day at a sporting event.


Even if you’re not big on sports, you’ll be surprised by how much fun you can have. Don’t just limit yourself to baseball; go to a hockey game, or even lacrosse. You might fall in love with a new sport.

2. Ride a bicycle in an unfamiliar city.


Indulge your curiosity and go explore.

3. Visit a National Park.


America can be a treasure trove of vacation destinations, and the National Parks are just one grand example.

4. Try new cuisine.


Skip the barbecue and go visit the tiny Vietnamese restaurant you always drive by, but never go in.

5. Take an Alaskan cruise.


If you’ve been saving up for a cruise all year, consider opting out of the Bahamas. Anyone who has been on an Alaskan cruise will tell you how beautiful and special it was.

6. Visit a craft-beer brewery.


Find a craft-beer brewery and learn there is more to beer than a six-pack.

7. Shop at an independent business.


Indie Made in Boise, ID

Shopping is less exciting when all of the chains carry the same merchandise, but you never know what you’ll come across in local specialty shops.

8. Go glamping.


You want to be close with nature, but you also want indoor plumbing and hot water, which makes glamping perfect.

9. Visit an aquarium.


Georgia Aquarium

Sea life is endlessly fascinating, and aquariums are endlessly enchanting.

10. Go to a music festival.


There are a ton of great music festivals going on in the summer; it’s just a matter of finding one that appeals to you and planning the trip

About the Author: Michele Butler