Weekend Getaways: Escape the City

If you live in the city, you might occasionally crave a brief escape from the everyday rush. So check out our list of quick pack-up-your-car-and-drive trips perfect for those two days off. Yes, as a matter of fact, you really do need a weekend getaway. And soon.

From Miami

Weekend Getaway

The Florida Everglades

Revisit your elementary school field-trip and drive out to the Florida Everglades. This national park is the quintessential south FL nature experience.

From Chicago

Weekend Getaway

Great Wolf Lodge

Never again will rain kill your feverish excitement at going to a waterpark. Wisconsin Dells, waterpark capital of the world, has stupendous indoor waterparks.

From Las Vegas

Weekend Getaway

Nevada Hot Springs

Nevada hot springs are relaxing beyond belief. You rest in a hot spring, watch nature, and forget the world.

From New York City

Weekend Getaway

Hershey’s Chocolate World

There is a city in Pennsylvania, it’s kind of magical, called Hershey. It is what you’re thinking it is. You can go to Hershey Park for roller-coasters and entertainment. Or you could visit Hershey’s Chocolate World and create your own candy bar.

From Detroit

Weekend Getaway

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is lined with beaches, has ferry boats to carry people to Peelee Island, and experienced divers can go diving for shipwrecks in the lake.


About the Author: Michele Butler