Discover Your Favorite Animal With These Close-Up Animal Collective Tours

Have you ever wanted to get up close with your favorite animal on an animal? Here are 10 animal collective tours that allow you to interact with a vast variety of animals out in their natural habitats!

1. Polar Bears


Here is the opportunity to watch polar bears in close proximity without leaving your room. Natural Habitat Adventures has designed a moving lodge that takes guests to see the bears while they migrate south. Also included in your stay is the opportunity to ride behind a team of sled dogs, which is obviously awesome. So go look at your favorite white bear, because we don’t know how long they have left.

2. Whale Sharks

 Whale Shark

These guys might be the epitome of the term ‘friendly giant’ and Baja Airventures gives you the opportunity to swim along side them in this animal collective tour. Whale sharks have 4 predictable locations, and the Sea of Cortez in Baja California is one of those places. Stay in the floating lodge and swim with these harmless filter feeders.

3. Panda


Escape the city with Natural Habitats again and explore the pristine environment of China in this animal collective tour. The beauty of the forest, gorges, rivers, and mountain ranges is so impressive they could be their own trip, but on your journey through this wild territory, you will see the Giant Panda most likely doing what Pandas do, chomp on bamboo. This two-week adventure is a great sight-seeing opportunity that few people will experience in their lives.

4. Black Rhino


Unless you have been to Animal Kingdom in Disney World, you most likely have not seen a rhino. Especially not in the wild. Wilderness Safaris gives you the opportunity to stay among the rocky hills of the Palmwag Concession and track the wild black rhino by foot. The landscape is captivating and the barren lands reminds you that you are no longer in suburbia, but your accommodations offer quite a luxurious experience. Watch the Rhino in all its glory, just don’t get too close.

5. Orangutan


What would a favorite animal list be without a monkey? Rhetorical — it wouldn’t be a list at all. So here it is, the best monkey reserve in Indonesia. Offered by the Orangutan Foundation International, guests will travel through Tanjung Puting, taking in the sights, the fresh air, and the abundant glowing stars at night. Tanjung is home to the largest Orangutan population in the world, so enjoy watching one of the most intelligent primates interact with one another as you travel.

6. Hippo


These big guys look friendly, but they are actually one of the fiercest animals in Africa. The Chongwe River Camp animal collective tour allows guests to experience these beasts along the lower Zambezi River in Zambia. Take the canoe out and ride slowly past these creatures as your heart races with the excitement of danger combining with beauty.

7. Bengal Tigers

Bengal Tiger 04

Interpret nature at Mahua Kothi in the Bandhavgarth National Park. You have the choice to view the Tigers by vehicle or by elephant, although in my opinion this isn’t much a choice at all, elephant is the only option. Mahua Kothi also offers luxurious accommodations during your stay, the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long and hot day of photographing the tigers.

8. Elephants

 Elephant with Trunk Up Kruger 08

Who doesn’t love elephants? Big, grey, and too wrinkly for their own good, African Profile Safaris allows you see them up close. One of the most interesting parts about the animal collective tour is that it you have the option to take the tour by plane. So take flight over the the safari and view the wildlife from above — definitely a unique experience.

9. Jaguars


This isn’t the car you’re driving, but they probably have close to the same zero-to-60 time. No, faster. Adventure in Brazil and watch these 350-pound predators hunt along the coastline. This viewing journey is offered by SouthWild and will guarantee not only jaguars, but an abundance of other diverse wildlife.

10. Giant Anteaters

 Funny Giant Anteater2

SouthWild conjures up another impressive tour, but this time to see the Giant Anteater. These animals look remarkably alien, as their features are distinct. Watch as they roam the grasslands in pursuit of ant colonies to feast on.

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