Denmark’s Cage-Free Zoo Puts Visitors and Animals Face To Face

Ok. So apparently architect genius Bjarke Ingel is outdoing himself once again. This time for the benefit of animals and customers. Ingel has designed a cage-free zoo that resembles a safari tour since, according to The Guardian, his intentions are to let animals roam free in a 300-acre stage that’s an imitation of the animals’ natural habitat. By now you’re thinking that you’ll be able to play with elephants, walk alongside majestic giraffes and sprint away from hungry lions, but that’s not the case. Zoo guests will be hidden underneath the ground in would-be logs or caves, letting visitors observe how the wild animals truly behave, unlike in the typical small enclosures. The cage-free zoo has been designed for construction in the south of Denmark.

Cage-free Zoo

Photo Courtesy of Slate

The architects at Bjarke Ingels Group, BIG say that “Instead of copying the architecture from the various continents by doing vernacular architecture, we propose to integrate and hide the buildings as much as possible in the landscape”. According to The Guardian, BIG’s zoo design is meant to lead guests in to a central circular piazza, from which they then venture off by themselves in to any of the three themed continents. Guests will be housed in mirrored pods that take them through a river in Asia, the African savannah and America.

Cage-Free Zoo

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Yet, according to The Guardian, the architects at BIG are putting on the lab coats and saying that their real goal is that we learn from how these animals behave in their natural habitat. Yet, we don’t actually believe the cage-free zoo will be able to provide that, because for that to happen we’re sure that animals need to live under their own real-world conditions in order to understand them. We’re not sure how locking them up in a 300-acre area with some extra leg room will help us understand them.

By Roberto Garcia


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