Airbnb Offers Home for Disaster Refugees

There’s no electricity in your house and you don’t know when it will come back on, part of your house is flooded, it’s not possible for you and your family to stay home any longer. Supposing that after the storm you’re somehow fortunate to still have signal and data on your smartphone, you know exactly what you have to do.

You tap your finger on the Airbnb app and start looking for somewhere to stay. Fortunately, this time you don’t have to pay (especially after your house has been completely wrecked). This is exactly what you should do if a natural disaster occurs because Airbnb and its hosts are offering shelter for free for anyone that has been displaced due to a natural disaster.

It all started when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast back in 2012. Shell, the Airbnb host, who was renting out her Brooklyn loft at that time, had decided to let those that were displaced stay at her place for free. After that, 1,400 Airbnb hosts followed her example.

Fast forward two years. According to the Huffington Post, Airbnb has begun a partnership with the cities of San Francisco and Portland to help streamline disaster response in the two communities. The company will identify hosts willing to offer free housing for those in need and offer free booking services on its website, says the Huffington Post.

The partnership couldn’t have come at a better time because of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake the San Francisco and Napa area just experienced. Officials expect that the cost of damages will be around $1 billion. According to Fox News people are being told to evacuate their homes in downtown Napa in case their happens to be natural gas leaks in the area.

Here’s a video of what Shell had inspired back in 2012.

By Roberto Garcia

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