Underwater resort set to wow travelers

Imagen: www.poseidonresorts.com

Many hotel rooms in Fiji may boast water views, but none will be quite like the scenery offered at Poseidon Resorts. The facility is set to be an underwater retreat unlike anything else in the world, with rooms, a spa, restaurants and more amenities situated directly on the ocean floor.

The rooms, along with several other parts of the resort, will all be constructed above ground in Portland, Oregon, before being moved to its final location in the lagoon of a private island in Fiji, The New York Times reports. Each hotel suite will then be lowered approximately 40 feet underwater amidst the coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean, connected to the upper land-levels of the hotel via elevator.

Imagen: www.poseidonresorts.com

Inspired by underwater research facilities, Poseidon Resorts will be comprised of bubble-like units made almost entirely out of acrylic glass, giving visitors unprecedented views of the ocean floor and the marine life that lives there. According to Discovery, about half of the suites will be situated just above sea level, offering a unique alternative for travelers who aren’t crazy about literally sleeping with the fishes.

Construction will take about two years to complete, but travelers are already lining up to book their stay in this tropical paradise.

About the Author: Laura Dossman