For the best hotels in the US, head to Hawaii


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When it comes to selecting the perfect destination or hotels during the trip planning process, sometimes there’s no better guide than reviews from other travelers. Those who have experienced a location firsthand often have welcome bits of insight or advice to share that can then enhance your own trip, and taking advantage of their knowledge can be vital to creating the vacation of your dreams.

Websites like TripAdvisor have streamlined this process by collecting reviews from travelers across the globe, and these personal stories shed light on what some of the most satisfactory trips are.

“People who share these unique experiences that they’ve had at one hotel or another become brand advocates for us,” Sorya Gaulin, spokeswoman for the Four Season, told USA Today. “They took time to post on TripAdvisor, and if they’re excited enough to take the time to do that then they probably talk to their friends and family [about their hotel experience].”

Because this input is so important, TripAdvisor recognizes certain hotels and attractions each year as being the best of the best. The most recent awards honor two hotels in Hawaii as the top accommodations in the U.S.

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The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka’upulehu claimed the top spot in the rankings, with past visitors rating it as the number one hotel in the U.S., as well as the best luxury hotel in the world. This Hawaiian hotel was praised for its exemplary service and amazing views of the island’s beaches. Visitors get the chance to relax on the sand or sit by the pool while their every need is catered to, and in the rare event they want to move from the waterfront, there are tennis courts, fitness facilities, a spa and a cultural center within the complex. With so much lush landscaping extending to all corners of the property, you’ll feel as if you are tucked away in a secluded lodge rather than at one of the most sought-after hotels in the world.

Just behind the Hualalai resort was the Four Seasons Resort Maui, which was rated as the second best hotel in the U.S. There, a championship golf course sits next to an oceanside spa, quiet pools and bustling lounges and clubs that serve up cocktails and fun at all hours of the day. Several nearby spots provide the perfect setting for excursions such as whale watches or scuba diving, so no traveler has to venture too far to find fun.

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