How to find the perfect wine pairing in Napa Valley

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When you love food, wine and traveling, it’s hard to be disappointed with a trip to Napa Valley. The only way to make it better is to bring a loved one and share all of the indulgences together, from the first sip of a locally sourced wine to a savory meal that pairs perfectly with the libation you chose.

Before you venture to California’s wine country, you should brush up on your knowledge of the grape. Dozens of varieties can be found growing in the West Coast’s vineyards, and if you want to impress your travel companion and dining staff at Napa’s best restaurants, here are a few tips for pairing certain foods with fine wine.

You can be sure that everything you taste at Solbar is entirely fresh, local and bursting with flavor. Housed in the luxury resort Solage Calistoga in the heart of Napa, this Michelin-starred hot spot creates “soul food,” California style. Delivering unique takes on traditional soul food recipes, this restaurant is sure to stand out among the other dining experiences you have during your stay. Bon Appetit recommends one particular dish: grilled peaches with house-made prosciutto and charred Vidalia onions, each loaded with sweet, savory and tangy flavors. This light, yet strong combination may be best served with a dry Muscat, which wine expert Ray Isle described as one of the best pairings he’s ever experienced. According to the Food & Wine editor, the grapey traits of the sweeter wine complement the fruit and the prosciutto’s saltiness offsets the fruitiness of the wine.

Another sustainable kitchen, Oenotri finds its inspiration from regions in Southern Italy, and even has its own garden outside to really make you feel like you’re in the European countryside. Unsurprisingly, one of its best dishes is its baked pizza, which comes in classic varieties like Margherita or mushroom. Cooked in a wood-burning oven shipped from Naples, this pizza is the real deal. One of the best wines you can enjoy with a hearty pizza topped with mushrooms is a Pinot Noir, ideally paired with earthy dishes because of their light body yet satisfying flavor.

Kitchen Door
This modern-day take on a public dining hall is what every major city should look for when they’re aiming to transform the restaurant experience. The pristine space makes everyone feel welcome, and its classic dishes like a half-roasted chicken sit well with any diner. A signature meal such as the roasted chicken pairs well with a Beaujolais, a variety made from the Gamely grape in the Beaujolais region of eastern France.

After such a culturally enlightening luxury vacation in Napa Valley, you and your date, along with your meals, will feel like the most unstoppable pair. If you still feel like you could learn more in the region, make sure to schedule visits to renowned vineyards and take a lesson from proprietors with years of experience under their belts.

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