Last-minute Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

Imagen: Getty Images

Imagen: Getty Images

Over 25 million people are expected to travel by air this Thanksgiving, which means that airports will certainly be hectic, so we’ve provided a few tips that’ll calm any travel woes and ensure a nice, smooth trip.

Stay updated:

  • Stay in touch with the airline. You can do this either online or through a mobile app. Check the status of your flight, and be aware of any gate changes or weather affecting your flight.
  • Check in online 24 hours before your flight and pay for any luggage beforehand as well.

Be prepared for security:

  • Prepare a quart-size, zip-top clear plastic bag (one per traveler) with liquids or gels and keep it somewhere easily accessible for when you’re in the security line.
  • Research your airline’s luggage requirements and pricing before you get to the airport.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings as they move through the conveyor belt.
  • Keep in mind that children (under age 12) and seniors (over age 75) do not need to take their shoes off.

Consider which items will be in your checked-in luggage and which will be in your carry-on:

  • Some things that should always be in your carry-on include jewelry, valuables and medication.
  • If traveling with children, pack snacks, diapers, food, or toys in your carry-on as well.

Safe travels!

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