14 Hybrid Desserts That Are Worth the Long Line


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So by now we’ve all heard of (and if you’re lucky, tried) the Cronut. Dominuqe Ansel’s genius idea to merge a warm fried donut and a flaky buttery croissant attracted people from around the world to his New York bakery to wait in an endless line with the hopes of getting their hands on the beloved pastry. The Cronut has become a sensation in the pastry world inspiring other chefs to create similar hybrid desserts.

The newest hybrid comes from the London bakery Foxroft & Ginger. Their twist on the Cronut is called the “Cruffin” a cross between a croissant and a muffin. It’s shaped like a muffin with pastry layers like a croissant, and stuffed with jam, custard or chocolate ganache. Click ahead to see the creation and 14 other mouth watering hybrid desserts.

This article originally appeared as Introducing the “Cruffin” and 12 Other Hybrid Desserts on Celebrity Chef.

Cruffin, Foxroft & Ginger, London


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The “Cruffin” will be available at Foxcroft & Ginger starting Friday March 6th, but you’d better get there early if the wait is anything like the infamous Cronut line.

Croissant Pretzel, City Bakery, NYC


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Imagine a croissant with yeasty pretzel dough and plenty of salt…yum.

The Cookie Shot, Dominque Ansel Bakery, NYC


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Another one from pastry genius Dominque Ansel. We’d rather have this than a normal shot any day.

The Wonut, Chicago’s Waffle Cafe


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The cross between a waffle and a donut started at Chicago’s Waffle Cafe. The pastry is a fried waffle with donut frosting and dusted sugar.

The Mallomac, Dana’s Bakery, NYC


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This European inspired dessert is a cross between a Mallomar (a chocolate covered marshmallow treat) and a French Macaron (a sandwich cookie made with meringue). The final product coming from NYC’s Dana’s Bakery is a brown sugar meringue cookie and marshmallow dipped in chocolate.

The Townie, Bea’s of Bloosmbury, London


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Bea’s of Bloosmbury in England created this hybrid tart and brownie dessert featuring a fudgy brownie tucked inside a buttery tart shell.

The Duffin, Bea’s of Bloosmbury, London


Image: foodbeast.com

Another one from Bea’s of Bloomsbury is the Duffin. If you haven’t already guessed what it is this mouthwatering treat is a donut muffin. The pastry is a baked donut filled with jam and rolled in sugar.

 The Brookster, Baked, NYC


Image: facebook.com/bakednyc

New York City bakery, Baked, makes a chocolate chip cookie and brownie hybrid dessert, aka the best sounding dessert in the world. It’s a chocolate chip cookie baked inside a brownie shell.

The Waffogato, 

Dominque Ansel Bakery, NYC


Image: theguardian.com

Inspired by fond memories of having waffles as a young boy in France Dominique Ansel combined his love for waffles and affogato, which is ice cream served with espresso poured over it. The ice cream in this case is in the mold of a waffle and is topped with warm maple syrup espresso. So, this could be considered breakfast, right?

The Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookie, Momofuku Milk Bar, NYC


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This incredible combination is from none other than Momofuku Milk Bar which is famous for these insanely delicious flavor combos. This cookie is basically a mix of a cookie, an s’more and a bowl of cereal put together for ooey gooey chewy goodness.

The Scuffin, Frog Hollow Farm, San Francisco


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San Francisco’s Frog Hollow Farm started serving up this hybrid at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market. It’s a scone and a muffin combined featured the shape of a muffin with the flaky dough of a scone. And better yet it’s filled with their homemade sweet peach conserve.

Pie Milkshake, Hill Country Chicken, NYC


Image: gourmet.com

Hill Country Chicken in New York specializes in Southern delicacies like fried chicken and their famous pies. To take their pies to another level they dreamt up the pie milkshake. They take two of their mini pies and blend them with ice cream. We could seriously get on board with flavors like peanut butter banana, pumpkin and eggnog mousse.

Cereal Milk Soft Serve, 

Momofuku Milk Bar, NYC


Image: carmenhungry.com

And last but certainly not least, Momofuku Milk Bar’s cereal milk soft serve. A combination of their famous cereal milk (inspired by the leftover milk from a cereal bowl that’s absorbed the cereal’s flavor) and ice cream. And topped with cereal of course.

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