Super Cool Pizza Boat Delivers in the Caribbean

Our extensive research concludes that pizza is the most loved food in the world…Okay, not really, but it’s probably true! The annual pizza sale revenue in the United States alone is over $30 billion, and that of course doesn’t include the rest of the world where pizza is similarly admired…hello, Italy?! Virtually anyone in the world now-a-days can come by a slice of pizza.

Unfortunately for the people who are living life on a house boat somewhere over gorgeous blue waters, ordering or picking up a pizza is not as easy. Until Pizza Pi came around.



Pizza Pi is the U.S. Virgin Island’s first ever “food truck boat”. Yes, you read right. It’s a boat that cooks up pizza fresh to order and is accessible to anyone in the water from the pick up window. You can order your pizza through your boat’s hand radio, by cell phone or email and pick it up when it’s ready.



The creative duo behind Pizza Pi, Sasha and Tara Bouis, own and operate the food truck boat. The girls, who ditched their Wall Street day jobs to go live in the islands, thought of creating Pizza Pi when they found the 37 foot boat for sale and in need of serious renovations.



After two years they turned the dilapidated boat into a floating home complete with a commercial kitchen and a double-lined brick oven. They had to do extensive research so they could create this functional pizzeria while being on the water. Sasha explained, “the boat is constantly in motion, even at anchor, so every door and drawer needs a lock or latch. We had to install latches on the heavy, hot doors of the pizza oven, so they wouldn’t fly open and burn anyone!”



The boat lives in St. Thomas’ Christmas Cove serving up freshly made pizza, ice cream and other comfort foods to anyone who can paddle, drive (a boat) or swim to the window. Sasha says their typical customers are “often tourists who are on vacation in the Virgin Islands and are taking a boat trip and stop by for lunch” as well as locals who live on house boats in the area.



And these pizzas are nothing like something you’d get at any old pizza chain. The Carbonara pizza for example is covered in white sauce, mozzarella, artichoke, peas and bacon. You can also order the Plain Jane and top it with whatever you like, including lobster, there’s the Cuban pizza, which pays homage to the cuban sandwich or the Dalai Lama, one with everything.



The duo says they started this incredible project when they were sitting on their boat one night watching the sunset when the hunger in both of them had them dreaming about a anchored pizzeria where they could easily grab dinner. Once they started taking the dream seriously they both attended pizza school in New York to perfect their skills.

Sasha and Tara say the experience has been incredible. “The response is great, not only because people love pizza but because we are really passionate about pizza and it shows. We didn’t just want to be the best pizza on a boat, we want to be the best pizza in the Caribbean.”

[This article originally appeared as Pizza Pi: The First Ever Food Truck Boat on Celebrity Chef]

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